Gwen Volk is one of the nation's leading experts in affordable housing issues and compliance. We work in a complicated multi-layered subsidy environment and engaged her to identify and correct any compliance issues in our policies and procedures. Her approach was comprehensive, and the result exceeded expectations. We can recommend Gwen without reservation.

Phil Carroll, President, Community Housing Services
September 11, 2017

In the past year, I have been privileged to attend several of Gwen's trainings

  • LIHTC class
  • Fair Housing
  • Managing Combined Funding Properties
  • Understanding HOME

Her knowledge and training skills have prepared myself and staff I supervise to enter the world of Tax Credit and HOME programs. She makes it all so understandable and takes all of the fear, stress and worry out of how to work with these funding sources. I had gone to two other national training classes on LIHTC, but gained so much more knowledge from Gwen classes, that made it all fit together for me. Whenever possible, I like all of my staff to train with Gwen, as then I know they are taught the most current policies and practices and that Gwen's teaching will keep them engaged in the learning process.

Shannon M. Williams, Portfolio Manager Christian Church Homes
October 11, 2016

I cannot express enough my gratitude for you saving us at the conference this year! You are a wonderful instructor, every time you teach anything for us we get really positive feedback!

Melanie Labonte, Associate Director, Rocky AHMA
September 26, 2016

Thanks for the best fair housing session (FHC) I've ever attended.

Casey Overland, Vice President of Operations Highland Property Management Inc., Missoula, MT
September 23, 2016