You did a tremendous job of teaching and showing how we need to treat the Service and Emotional Support Animal accommodation. Please continue to teach because I will definitely be looking for your classes!

Paula L, Dayton, OH,
June 26, 2020

Gwen always presents informative webinars but this (504 Coordination) was exceptional. 504 -vs- Fair Housing requirements has been a gray area for a long time. THANK YOU!

Attendee, AHMA NCH
January 8, 2020

My assistant manager and I took the class (AHMA PSW Webinar - "EIV Income Discrepancies: Don't Go Crazy - It's a Tool") today. I just want to say that the instructor (Gwen Volk) was great! Patient and a good teacher. I have been to three seminars (on EIV) with others and this is the first time I understood it completely. Her teaching style is awesome! Thanks to her and AHMA for providing this webinar to us.

Gloria Pedregon, Property Manager La Mirada, CA
October 30, 2019

Thank you so much for your helpful webinars (Basic HUD Occupancy Part 1 and 2)! I have worked with LIHTC and Housing Choice Voucher programs for several years but have not worked with other project-based programs, so I was new to all of the deductibles and adjusted income calculations. (The presentation) was extremely clear and easy to follow, and I have a much better understanding of those areas. I learned many new things and am very pleased that I was able to take the class. Thanks again and I look forward to future webinars!

Stacie Callahan, Regional Manager Troy, OH
August 28, 2019