Gwen Volk INFOCUS INC.’s response to COVID-19



At Gwen Volk INFOCUS, Inc. we are working to help our clients meet their training and consulting needs in the most timely, effective, affordable, and safe way.

We provide Virtual Trainings by hosting them through our webinar and meeting apps and/or utilizing those of the client.  We have provided numerous AHMA-sponsored NAHMA FHC and CPO courses in this format as well as our own SHCM exam-prep course and our 50+ Signature Courses – both as 90-minute webinars and in 4-hour formats for Basic HUD or Tax Credit Occupancy, EIV and other vital compliance topics.  We have assisted large organizations in keeping their staff up to date on Fair Housing and other issues when they are having to cancel in-person regional and national meetings where this was formerly provided.  In addition, our courses are continually updated to address COVID-19/pandemic issues.  See the Signature Course descriptions for details.

Our consulting services are timely, comprehensive and “touch-free”.  We meet with clients and with regulators on their behalf in a virtual format and exchange documents through our secure Dropbox and/or the client’s file share applications.   When our clients require on-site services such as file reviews, we access our network of highly qualified associates to provide this type of assistance in a safe and secure manner.

COVID-19 information is also available on our new Resources page.

Let us know what we can do for you and your members or team!